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HI-TECH CORPORATION (HTC) is the concern, founded by Mr. Jignesh shah and moved with the help of Mr. Bhavin Shah, a young entrepreneur, Mechanical Engineer and M.B.A in commerce faculty.

Mr.Jignesh Shah, after having a practical experience of marketing in industries could establish his own concern in the year 1998.

Being sober in temperament, genial in disposition and possessed with high caliber, Mr. Jignesh Shah could earn extra-ordinary goodwill and response from the industry. With his equanimity, graft and courage, HTC could achieve good targets even in the stage of its infancy.
We at Hi - Tech Corporation, strongly believe that not only consistent quality materials, but also prompt shipment schedules & Service are also required to be maintained in order to achieve utmost satisfaction from the valuable customers world over. We have a well qualified and experienced team of professionals who handle our International Business Corporations.
In its administrative hierarchy, the company’s functions are divided in the following segments
Administrative + legal
R & D + Technical
Servicing + Customer Care
Each of the section is being headed by the in-charge personnel thereof who are empowered to take decision in their own sphere in consultation with Mr.Jignesh Shah wherever required.
HTC has its own resources. However, the reasonable funds from the nationalized banks are applied to fulfill the commitments of the company towards supplies, time to time. The repayments are made in due time or even earlier in view of minimizing interest liability.
So far as the indigenous marketing is concerned, HTC is subjected to DIRECT MARKETING & also through DEALER NETWORK. In this strategy, the company is, however, deputing its staff at the various destinations of the country for introducing their products. On the other hand, incommensurably, good orders are received on desk ! Of course, the company needs to participate in various exhibitions, conferences and achieves good business also through the conventions.
In its drive to locate export market, the company has registered with good number of websites and getting regular enquiries. Aim of the company is to appoint reliable distributors, worldwide and get its products registered with the FERTILIZERS, PHARMACEUTICALS, CHEMICALS, REFINARIES in different countries.
The company is anxious to augment its effort to bring forth the world-class as well as innovative products indigenously and make them easily available to the industries at large; at reasonable prices, worldwide.
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