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It is constructed from hundreds of individual ceramic tiles molded into a durable rubber backing.
Extends the life of key conveyor components.
May allow a reduction in the size of the required drive, take-up, etc.
Reduces wear from abrasive materials.
Cost-effectively, prevents belt slippage by increasing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the pulley.
Creates a self-cleaning action on the pulley surface and prevents the buildup of transported material, water, snow or ice.
The new lagging with ceramic inserts has been designed for use in difficult wet and muddy working conditions, common in gold, copper, iron ore, coal, Lime stones and steelworks, to eliminate belt slippage. The ceramic inserts made of high strength aluminium oxide, ensure extremely high wear resistance.

REALTECH CERAMIC PULLEY LAGGING provides twice the traction of conventional rubber lagging and virtually eliminate slippage between conveyor belts and drive pulleys, significantly improved conveyor productivity under even the most severe operating conditions. Employing a special ceramic-in-rubber design.

REALTECH CERAMIC PULLEY LAGGING high-grade alumina ceramic tiles -- which cover the pulley face and become its drive surface -- create the highest coefficient of friction available in a lagging material under wet, dry or muddy conditions. Each tile is : "20mm square and surfaced with 13 slightly raised, rounded "buttons" that press into the belt's bottom cover. This proprietary design yields the highest coefficient of friction available in lagging materials -- two to three times higher than rubber.

As a result, Ceramic Rubber enables users to avoid over-tensioning belts in search of better traction, which often leads to such maintenance problems as damaged pulleys, shortened bearing life, failed splices and broken belts.

Ceramic Lagging for Pulley is offered for installation by chemical bonding with tiles molded with a durable backing material, specified as natural rubber. For chemical bonding, the lagging is supplied in standard strips holding rows of tiles. Unlike hotvulcanized lagging it is easy-to-handle. It is also supplied as per size of Pulley to suit easy installation.

Ceramic-in-rubber pulley lagging continues to excel in applications where additional wear and higher Coefficient of friction is required.
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