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It is a Metallic Filled System which gets cured within 10 minutes after mixing. It is a 100% Solid System which gets cured under high humidity, Even under water and temperature up to 5 Deg. C. It is an excellent, unmatched products for Emergency low cost repair to all under water/Humid condition.
Features & Benefit
Fast and Emergency repair that can be reduce the downtime.
Fast Mixing & Easy Application.
Will Bond to almost all material.
The System can be used Even Underwater/High humidity, Avoids all relevant problems of hot process.
Typical Application
Emergency Repair to Elbow, Tank, Cooling Towers, Dam, Pumps, Vessels, Pipes and Many other Emergency application.
Technical Specification
Compressive Strength : 950 kg/ cm2
Tensile Strength : 550 kg/ cm2
Maximum Operating Temp. : 150 oC
Pressure Holding Capacity : 10 to 12 kg/ cm2
Working Time @ 20 Deg. C : 3 to 4 min.
Curing Time @ 20 Deg. C : 7 to 9 min.
Available in
Steel / Under Water / Copper / Bronze / Aluminium / Wood / Concrete / Brass
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