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Ceramic Tiles High Aluminium (liners)
Ceramic Pulley Lagging / Pad Lagging
Tiles Adhesive Compound
Emergency Repair Putties
Machineable Products
Erosion & Corrosion Resistance
Abrasion Resistant Products
REALTECH Specialities provides TURN KEY SOLUTIONS to various problems related to Corrosion, Abrasion & Erosion caused due to working enviroment and medias in different equipments. REALTECH Specialities analysis the problem, selects right product and executes the repair/ coating work with thorough surface preparation, application and quality checks to ensure extended period of protection to the equipment.
Ash Slurry Tanks Ceramic high alumina lining for Row mill / coal mill / cement mill. Cooling Gas Ducts
Ash Hoppers Ceramic pulley lagging Cooling Gas Packing Scrubber
Boiler Seal Skirts Ceramic pad lagging for packing chutes Top Gas Packing Scrubber
Cation Tanks Carbide coating for screw conveyor Top Gas Venturi Scrubber
Circulating Water Lines Ceramic brush able coating for anti sticking purpose & for r.o. pump. SGP Structures
Clinker Grinders Uw stick to prevent the leakages Slag Reducer Cones
Coal Bunkers Transformer Oil Leakages SGP Filter Bed Structures
Coal Chutes Substation Structures Suction Silencer
Coal Exhauster SEPAX fan casings Soft Water Tanks
Condenser Water Boxes Clinker Hopper / Chutes Raw Water Tanks
Cooling Tower Basins Gypsum Hopper / Chutes Water Pumps
Cooling Tower Fans Raw Water Tanks Drier Cyclones
Clarifiers Conveyor Structures Chutes
De-aerator Tanks Raw Mill Fans / Casings Hoppers
DM Plant Floors Duct Work Cooling Towers
Demineralizer Tanks   AVGF Tanks
Duct work   CO Pipelines
Fuel Storage Tanks   Sludge Tanks
Heat Exchangers   Acid/Alkali Storage Tanks
Hydro Flood Tunnels   Thickeners
Hydro Scroll Cases   Clarifier Arms
Hydro Penstocks   Circulation Water Pipelines
Hydro Wicket Gates   Gas Cooling Plant Scrubber
Crest Gates    
Traveling Water Screens    
Acid / Alkali Storage Tanks Acid Storage Tanks Baghouses
Accommodation Modules Alkali Storage Tanks De-Watering Tanks
Brine Ponds Bughouse Hoppers & Walls Demister Sections
Desulphurization Systems Black Liquor Tanks Effluent Lines
Heat Exchangers Centrifuges Lime Storage Tanks
Condensers Condensers Slurry Pipes
Mud System Tanks Cooling Towers Slurry Pumps
Stacks Dust Collector Hoppers Precipitators
Offshore Legs (below water) Green Liquor Tanks Process Floors
Offshore Platforms Decks Heat Exchangers Reaction Tanks
Pipeline Internal / External Chutes Recirculation Pumps
Process Vessels Pump Casings/Impellers Scrubber Vessels
Pumps Paper Machine Surface Spray Dryers
Secondary Containment Reagent Storage Tanks Stacks
  DM Tanks Thickeners
  Screw Conveyors Clarifiers
  Secondary Containment Valves
  Valves Venturi Scrubbers
  White liquor Tanks  
  Concrete Corrosion  
  Cooling Water Pipelines  
  Transformer Leaks  
  Substation Structures  
Aeration Tanks Bulbous Noses Transformer Oil Leakages
Digesters Bow & Stern Thrusters Transmission Towers
Acid / Alkali Storage Tanks Ballast Tanks Substation Structures
Checker Plates Bilges Marshalling Boxes
Clarifier Tanks Cargo Tanks Insulation
Clarifier Arms Condensers Concrete Stubs
De-watering Tanks Corroded Wet Liners  
Distribution Chambers Discharge Pipes  
Effluent pipe lines Evaporators  
Influent collection channel Foam Tanks  
Pump Casings Gas Fan Castings  
Pump Impellers Gas Scrubbers  
Secondary Containment Hull Rivets  
Sedimentation Tanks Hull Anodes  
Sewer Pipes/ Lines/ Tunnels Kort Nozzle Surface  
Sludge Thickeners Non-Skid Floors  
Structural Steel Work Oil Coolers  
Trenches Pontoons  
  Rudder Stacks  
  Sea Water Pumps  
  Sewage Tanks  
  Sluice Gates  
  Sluice Valves  
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