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HI-TECH now offers REALTECH High Alumina Ceramic Lined equipment for highly wear prone application such as Coal Fired Power Generation, Mining, Cement, Steel, Mineral Processing Industries.

REALTECH offers product designed to meet exacting requirement in cost effective manner. The choice of High Alumina Product ensures excellent wear and corrosion resistant properties. Our engineers are available for customer services for application development including Material Selection, Lining design, Fabrication and Installation. Alumina shape, size shall be designed to suit the final application of the equipment. The installation of the liner shall be done by high Alumina based wear resistant bonding material and/or welding.

The Hardness of REALTECH is next to Diamond which ensures extremely hard and wear resistant material. It can last longer than any other conventional material to take abuse of bulk material handling. In addition it retain its highly wear resistant properties at high temperature.

REALTECH is also inert to all most all chemicals and thus providing excellent corrosion resistant properties against chemicals.
REALTECH is cost effective in the long run in various application
MINIMISES - Down time, Maintenance, Product cost
MAXIMISES - Productivity, Performance and profit.
Properties : REALTECH 90 REALTECH 99
Alumina content 90% 99.5%
Colour White Ivory
Density gm/cc 3.60 3.89
Hardness R45N 79 83
Sur face Finish 1.60u 0.9u
Water Absorption Nil Nil
Compressive Strength : kg/cm2 2500 2600
Tensile Strength : kg/cm2 220 250
Corrosion Resistant : mg/cm2/day with 95% H2504 @ 20 C 0.03 0.01
Max. Temp. 1500 oC 1750 oC
Industrial Application
Ball Mill Liner
I. D. Fan
Mechanical Seals
Ventury Collar
Ash / Slurry Line Component
Pump Impeller and many more.
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